• Never too old


    Another day… another study cutting off at 54 years, maybe 64 years. Why is this the norm in so many studies? And more importantly is this the right thing for us to recommend to our clients? As researchers and marketeers we work with our clients to understand how they can grow their brands & portfolios, […]...View full article
  • Transformation through Insight


    Deb spoke with Mark Loder from ebay at the recent MRS Transformation through Insight event. Our presentation included highlights of some work we have been doing with ebay on segmentation, combining data from multiple sources to bring a database segmentation to life, identify headroom potential, predict seller typologies onto the database, and understand seller needs […]...View full article
  • Storytelling master classes


    Halloween has inspired many storytellers. Most of us will remember, as children, listening to whispered ghost stories in darkened rooms on this ‘night of unknown’. And as adults, how many of us will settle down in front of the TV, with the express aim of watching the most terrifying seasonal horror film available? So many […]...View full article
  • Making an impact – seasonal products


    Today is Halloween, a boom period for British retail. Last year it was reported that Halloween was the 2nd biggest party night in the UK after New Year’s Eve. Increasingly we see clients exploring opportunities for limited edition or seasonal products to extend or enhance brand connections during the spookiest night of the year. But […]...View full article
  • Millennial men, a missing demographic


    Young men are a key demographic for many of our clients so, it was a clear concern when we received warning from one of our panel suppliers that they were running low on ‘new’ young men to participate in research. It got us thinking … what’s stopping millennial and post-millennial men engaging with market research? […]...View full article
  • Webinar: using projective techniques online


    On 5th May we hosted a webinar alongside Stephen Cribbett at Dub to share an example of how to engage respondents online, using enabling or projective techniques and gamified approaches to elicit rich insights. The project was designed to capture individuals as consumers, shopper and researchers, to understand how the consumer journey starts, can be […]...View full article
  • What’s love got to do with it?


    Brand love is the ultimate achievement, right? In his Lovemarks model, Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi states that ‘brands are running out of juice’ and that ‘love is what is needed to rescue them’. Kevin Duncan, a revered marketer, sums Roberts’ concept up in one simple sentence; “Creating loyalty beyond reason requires emotional […]...View full article
  • Farewell discussion guide, hello conversation framework


    Over the last few years, we’ve seen many qualitative practitioners and clients stand up and claim that the focus group is dead. That conducting research in ‘laboratory environments’ leads to research affect and respondents telling you what they think they do, rather than what they actually do (or, worst case, telling you what they think […]...View full article
  • Changes in Market Research over last 10 years…and what is to come?


    Click here for the first instalment of our crystal ball gazing…what’s happened in research in the ten years since we launched Engage - and what’s next?...View full article
  • The good, the bad and the could be better


    Whatever happened to big, audacious ideas? Here Lyndsay Peck shares her views on what researchers can do to inspire clients to be brave and develop really different ideas with consumers. ...View full article