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Today is Halloween, a boom period for British retail. Last year it was reported that Halloween was the 2nd biggest party night in the UK after New Year’s Eve. Increasingly we see clients exploring opportunities for limited edition or seasonal products to extend or enhance brand connections during the spookiest night of the year. But as with any big retail event there are those that embrace it and those that approach it with a more cynical outlook.

We conducted our own mobile survey in key grocery retailers to investigate what’s out there this Halloween, to see if shoppers are noticing what retailers and brands have been up to and whether being seasonally branded or themed has increased propensity to purchase. Halloween as an event is splitting opinion with 70% loving it, and 22% not that bothered (the remaining 8% simply don’t like it).

The study was carried out on a mobile platform that allowed us to survey respondents in-store at their point of interaction with Halloween products and related in-store displays. At Engage we love mobile research; it allows us to understand what’s happening at any and arguably every moment. Using mobile we were able to capture ‘in the moment’ vs. recalled behaviour which can be crucial to many types of research, but particularly in-store work. Through our study of 100 shoppers 91% noticed Halloween products.

In our survey we received over 100 photos of Halloween themed brands or items that shoppers would either consider or purchase, which gives an amazingly inspirational collage of the types of brands and themes that spark interest. Two-thirds of those surveyed said they bought something because the Halloween theme influenced them.

From a practical perspective a mobile study like this is easy to set up, fast to get results and allows us to target specific groups. For our survey we geo-fenced key retailers so that when a potential respondent went into one of the stores we were interested in we knew instantly and could send a survey to their mobile – easy as that.

Get in touch for more information on our Halloween survey or how to kick-off a mobile project.

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