Millennial men, a missing demographic


Young men are a key demographic for many of our clients so, it was a clear concern when we received warning from one of our panel suppliers that they were running low on ‘new’ young men to participate in research.

It got us thinking … what’s stopping millennial and post-millennial men engaging with market research?

Well, being market researchers with inquisitive minds and a thirst for understanding, we wanted to explore this phenomenon. We started looking at the barriers for engagement in research and identified winning hooks to get these guys more involved. We wanted this demographic to take part and enjoy the process of research so much, they would share the experience by sending survey links to their mates.

We’ve discovered a number of factors that help explain the lack of engagement in research for this demographic segment. The dynamics of the male world have been evolving; they are no longer solitary animals out to prove they are the king of the jungle. They are, in fact, a far more sociable and sharing breed. They still look to make their way in the world, as before, but now they want to celebrate achievement together, with friends and family.

Social media has been a massive influence in turning the millennial into an adventurer. Experience rich is now more important than material possessions. Life is for living after all.

We have also discovered that these young men are sensitive creatures who feel forgotten. A lot of advertising and marketing is directed toward engaging women. Younger men don’t see the consumer space as an area for them. So, they are disengaged with a space where their voice is not heard by brands – they see and feel little personal gain as a result.

Having explored, hunted and gathered, we are now in the process of developing an engaging, behaviour-focused survey that will see their real-time feedback enhance the experience for others. We will not only know how many young men are potentially open to engaging with research but also how!

Get in touch with us if you want to be kept up to date with the findings as we progress!

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