Never too old


Another day… another study cutting off at 54 years, maybe 64 years.

Why is this the norm in so many studies? And more importantly is this the right thing for us to recommend to our clients?

As researchers and marketeers we work with our clients to understand how they can grow their brands & portfolios, looking for new areas and targets to tap into.

From a very basic ‘who to interview’ point of view, should we be recommending that those over a ‘certain age’, are simply ‘too old’ for your brand and that there is nothing to be learnt from speaking with them.

Keen to provide evidence that this group could provide a fruitful target we conducted a qualitative exploration and quantification of how Baby Boomers are feeling today, to discover if they should be included and more importantly are they a ‘forgotten’ target that could, provide areas for innovation and brand expansion.

We discovered that our baby boomers (a group which is larger than millennials), aren’t over the hill they are on top of it! With a thirst for making the most of their lives, many have more time on their hands, often more cash to spend and all this coupled with a desire to try new things.

They don’t feel ‘old’, and want to maintain (or improve) their health so they can keep active, and enjoy life, for longer, and so products angled at this need and target would pique interest.

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