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Halloween has inspired many storytellers. Most of us will remember, as children, listening to whispered ghost stories in darkened rooms on this ‘night of unknown’. And as adults, how many of us will settle down in front of the TV, with the express aim of watching the most terrifying seasonal horror film available? So many of these tales will have left us with shivers running down our spines, reluctant to walk into an empty room alone and certainly keen to leave a light on when we (eventually) head for bed.

Stories that ignite this level of emotion are highly successful, they stay with us for days and keep us coming back for more. Authors have had to be inventive and think about the rules, constructs and stereotypes associated with things that go ‘bump in the night’.

In the business environment, we aren’t looking to scare our clients or colleagues (well… not intentionally anyway!), but we do want to make sure they are engaged with the stories we tell, and that those stories have maximum impact – regardless of whether they are delivering good or bad news.

Business storytelling has been a hot topic for some time; a number of our clients are keen to learn more about how to bring it into their workplace.

So we have developed storytelling master classes to coach our clients and their stakeholders in creating best practice for impactful presentations, papers… even emails. Crafted for your business needs, sessions are either 3 hours or full day. The latter includes more hands on, practical exercises that bring the principles of storytelling to life and enable participants to really feel the difference between data-driven information and forming the right tales to deliver impact and action.

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