Award-winning, adaptable, inventive research.

Solutions that work across business challenges, categories and markets. 

Deliverables that excite stakeholders, ignite action and deliver brand impact.


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Deb Sleep

Multi-country U&As & segmentation.  Qual,  quant. or both! Gamification to make research more engaging for respondents and clients alike.

+44 (0) 07788 748835

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Marie Sutton

Expert in innovation, volumetrics, brand health, pricing & promotions, multi-country product testing and how to win over the biggest of research doubters!

+44 (0) 07909 687877

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Lyndsay Peck

Innovation, pricing & conjoint.

Lean projects designed for strategic vision.

Quantitative research with a qualitative soul.

+44 (0) 7703 533705