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Coca-Cola engage with boomers!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

"We have been over-focussed on recruiting a new generation; we never focussed on seniors in our plans, in our merchandising. I think it's a miss!"

Véronique Chene - The Coca-Cola Company - New Beverage & Innovation Senior CIM - Western Europe

Coca-Cola was keen to deepen its understanding of the 60-80s age group, in terms of their thoughts and feelings towards beverages, to ensure that their portfolio could better serve the needs of this increasingly important demographic.

Engage already had a wealth of understanding of this groups through our own Boomers work. We

blended complementary research approaches to deliver a holistic and forward-thinking view of the market to enthuse and inspire the team.

  • Exploratory webnography to deepen understanding of the lives, motivations, needs and behaviour of this group

  • Semiotics to decipher category codes and trend analysis to further deepen understanding and inspire forward looking initiatives

  • An online occasion-based drivers & barriers study.

The results were shared at the MRS FMCG Summit in May 2019. If you's like to her what we had to say, or find out more about Boomers, please contact Deb - or Marie -

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