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WhatsApp me to know about Gen Z!

If you haven't seen our Gen Z work you need to! It includes a multi generational exploration of life, brands & consuming.

Headlines ...

Fuelled by technology in all areas of their life Z have never known a world without the internet, their expectations are high – they want it to connect them, entertain them, sell to them and build their digital brand! The digital world is more than a source for information, it’s a way to stay connected to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

Four key themes emerge amongst our Gen Z findings:

1. Gen Z’s are currently at a point of discovery: experiences, interests…and life skills!

2. Making memories and human connections (digital & face to face) are what count

3. They have a pragmatic approach to life: it is what it is, have to make the most of it

4. They are on a quest for truth and authenticity

In our study we explore how Z compare to other generations and what you and your brand should be doing to engage with them.

Our clients tell us it creates reappraisal, sparks ideas and potential opportunities – it’s a great way to kick off explorations into this group

Contact Lyndsay for more information -

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