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The game is up for dull research!

Here at Engage we are award-winning experts in gamification. Here are some of our top tips to gamify any survey. We hope you find them useful - and would love to talk you if your research could do with some gamification magic.

1 Gamified language

Using words like ‘challenge’, ‘beat’, or ‘how many’, ... in your questions instil a competitive instinct and encourage more responses – typically twice as many vs. the usual wording

2 Rules

Something as simple as setting a word count expectation or limit for your open-ended responses will get people really thinking and generate more - and more focussed - responses. In our tests we doubled response levels with this simple trick.

3. Time limits

Imposing a time limit can be a very effective way of getting more detailed response. We have seen it increase responses six-fold.

4. Rewards

Whether virtual or real, they can really motivate respondents. A simple points tally saw people spending 50% more time answering our questions.

5. Role playing

Role playing can be a useful tool, used projectively or to emphasise the value of someone’s response. We tried telling mums that the typical mum uses 10,000 baby wipes in a year, making them real experts! They went on to spend 70% more time answering our questions and gave us much more actionable responses.

For more information on upping your survey game, contact Deb -

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